Security guards raped, attacked by criminals

Source: Facebook

Masoka Dube

TWO female security guards of Mafoko Security Company in Mpumalanga, were raped and injured while on duty at the Centre for the Disabled in Marite, Bushbuckridge.

It is alleged that  criminals broke the door to gain entry,  produced firearms when accosted by the guards and assaulted them, ending their terror spree by also raping the two women. A week after this first incident, another female security officer from the same company, was attacked and stabbed with a broken beer bottle.

“My colleague was attacked during the day by two armed men wearing balaclavas. One  produced a gun and demanded her cell-phone.  A fight ensued and she was stabbed with a broken bottle on both hands,” said a source close to the situation.

NewsHorn was told by this unnamed source for her own protection,  said  all the guards are now afraid to go to work as they might not come back alive. She also said that the criminals are targeting them because they know that they don’t have guns.

Security guards from Mafoko Security have previously been attacked by criminals. In that instance it was  a male security guard  stationed at the SASSA offices in Marite. It is alleged that he was tied him up and sprayed him with cold water for many hours.

Mafoko Security Company’s founder, Erasmus Nare, did not respond to questions sent to him via email, which showed it was read. Nare also failed to answer his phone.   Police have confirmed the incident and cited that the investigations were underway.