So who is correct? Farm murder figures still desputed

Photo: Daily Sun

According to the SA Police Service,  62 murders were committed on agricultural properties during the last financial year. However, the TAU SA data base reflects a figure of 70 which implies a slightly more than 10% higher figure than the official statistics. This difference and the necessity to speak with one voice on a topic which is increasingly receiving international interest, demands to be consolidated. In this regard TAU SA has approached the Minister of Police on several occasions to discuss the matter as well as other related issues, but to date no constructive response has been forthcoming.

“It is imperative that in a matter of national (and even international) concern, the problem requires joint and integrated action. Bearing this in mind, a National Agriculture Safety Strategy in support of the SAPS Rural Safety Strategy, has been drafted, approved at ASUF level and duly implemented,” says  Louis Meintjes, President of TAU SA. “It is trusted that both the Minister of Police as well as the National Police Commissioner will realise that the ongoing threat of extremely violent and senseless crimes against farmers, their families and other farm dwellers requires a dedicated and unified effort to ensure a safe and secure environment for isolated communities responsible for ensuring food security in South Africa”.

Source: TAU SA statement