Solidarity takes complaint about double standards a step further


Trade union Solidarity will submit a comprehensive report on the Tumi case and its underlying broader fundamental viewpoint to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). The report will supplement the Solidarity report on double standards with regard to racism already submitted to the SAHRC.

According to Solidarity Chief Executive Dr Dirk Hermann, Solidarity received confirmation that the Solidarity complaint to the SAHRC has been escalated from the Gauteng office to the national office. “The SAHRC has not yet come to a decision and therefore we can supplement our complaint with the Tumi case,” Hermann said.

The supplementary complaint from Solidarity will include comprehensive research on how people feel about the incident. According to Hermann, a large number of people will get the opportunity to express their feelings.

In reaction to a memorandum sent to JacarandaFM’s General Manager Kevin Fine, Solidarity has been invited by JacarandaFM to participate in a discussion with the radio station and the presenter Tumi Morake. “We will definitely take part in the discussion. However, this problem is bigger than Tumi and therefore we believe JacarandaFM’s response is inadequate. We still strongly believe that the necessary steps with regard to the abuse of the Jacaranda platform should be taken against Morake,” Hermann said.

According to Hermann, JacarandaFM misread people’s reaction completely. “Morake lanced a boil. It is also a huge mistake to silence people expressing their feelings with allegations of racism and radicalism,” Hermann said.

Hermann says that people want to make their voices heard. “In the next phase of the campaign we’ll give people the opportunity to talk. In the end, JacarandaFM won’t be judged by a court of law; it will be judged by the court of public opinion,” Hermann concluded.