Stolen mine explosives sold to CIT robbers?

The explosives stolen. (Photo: Citizen.)

Masoka Dube

POLICE are searching for people accused of stealing explosives Forzando Colliery in Bethal, Mpumalanga Highveld. Police said it was unclear at this point how the suspect(s) managed to access the storeroom where the explosives were stored.

“After a thorough inspection was conducted, it was discovered that 120 Maxam Magex cartridges were stolen,” police said in a statement. It is believed that the explosives were stolen in order to be sold to gangs involved in serious crimes such as cash-in-transit robberies, ATM bombing s and other related violent crimes.

Anyone who has information leading to an arrest  and recovery of the explosives is requested to contact Detective Captain Rian Douglas on 0842304630.