Suicide because no one cared to help – Not for sensitive viewers


Tumelo waga Dibakwane

An unidentified man between the ages of 30 to45  believed to be from Mozambique committed suicide after community members refused to help him with food or accommodation during his search for his brother at Gutjwa in Kabokweni on Monday afternoon. He was allegedly robbed of all his possessions and had nowhere to go.

According to an eye witness who wanted to remain anonymous, the man was seen walking around the street asking strangers about his brother while carrying his bags, but it was very difficult to communicate with him since he couldn’t speak any of the South African languages.

“On Monday morning he was  seen o without his bags and claimed that he was robbed at night and he couldn’t report the matter to the police because he was scared that they will arrest him. He was asking for food and a place to stay but no one was willing to help “because he was a stranger.” He mentioned that he was going to take his life and community members heard his screams from an overhead Eskom transformer.

Apparently no one saw him climbing to the top of transformer. Eskom later had to cut the electricity to the area, to removed the charred body. Police claimed not to have any information or knowledge about the incident. The man was declared dead on the scene.