Taxi operators upset about potholes at Marite taxi rank

Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

TAXI operators have appealed to the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality to fix the huge potholes at the entrance and inside the taxi rank in Marite.

The rank is situated next to the R40 between Hazyview and Bushbuckridge.

One of the operators, Xoli Mdawe, told NEWSHORN what surprised him most was the fact that the rank was situated next to the local municipal offices. He said the municipal officials were well aware of the situation but they were not doing anything about it.

“We have to use the road that goes to the hardware store to access the rank due to the huge potholes at the rank entrance and inside the rank. During peak hours it wastes time because we have to share the small space and disturb the people who want to go to the shop,” Mdawe said.

He said numerous complaints and pleas to the municipality fell on deaf ears. “They just promised but nothing was done.”

Mdawe further cited that their vehicles were getting damaged and they would soon be forced to yield directly from the R40 when entering the rank, which could cause a lot of traffic accidents.

“We are just asking them to repair the potholes so that it can be easy to enter the rank.  It does not affect taxi operators only, but also people who want to use the shops inside the rank or want to drop off or pick up people,” he complained.

Another upset motorist, Given Mokoena, said he suffered damage to his car a number of times while using this road as well as other roads in Marite. First damage was caused to his car’s bumper and a week later his front wheels were torn by potholes.

“The potholes are very deep because the tyres were torn into pieces. This could have been avoided if the government fixed the road when we reported the matter.”

Bushbuckridge Local Municipality spokesperson Aubrey Mnisi said he was not aware of the situation.

However, he said: “I will refer the matter to the regional manager at our office in Marite to make sure that they fix the road. We would like to apologise to all who were affected.”