The Crime State of the Nation by numbers


Statistician-general Risenga Maluleke released the annual Victims of Crime Survey for 2017/18 in Pretoria.

Here are the statistics broken up in numbers:

1 545 701 – the estimated number of household crime incidents, up by 5%;

7.5% – the estimated percentage of households that experienced crime, up by 0.3%;

1 682 624 – the estimated number of individual crime incidents;54% – the dominant household crime: housebreaking or burglary;

832 122 – incidents of housebreaking/burglary, up by 7%;31.6% – clothes were the top item stolen from homes, followed by cellphones (23.6%) and food (22.2%);

33% – households that reported housebreaking that were satisfied with the police’s response;

3.7% – individuals aged 16 and above who experienced crime, up by 0.2%;

79% – personal crimes that involved theft, robbery and assault;69% of items lost through theft were cellphones, followed by wallets (45%);

65.4% of victims were robbed in the streets of a residential area; 25.8% of victims were injured during a robbery;

355 739 – the number of assaults, up by 12%. Men are more likely to be victims than women. Women are more likely to report assault. Most assaults occur at home; 32% of those surveyed felt safe to walk in their neighbourhoods at night, down by 3%; and

54.2% of people are satisfied with the police, and 41.1% are satisfied with the courts.

Source: Polity