Trade union Solidarity launches App for members


Trade union Solidarity recently announced its brand new and innovative membership app. This app is the first of its kind in the world of work and it aims to provide more effective assistance to Solidarity’s members. The ground-breaking app puts a trade union closely involved with its members in the palm of your hand. It provides workable solutions and keeps you informed of important issues.

According to Jaco de Lange, Divisional Head of Member Administration, the app is a technologically advanced platform that creates a direct communications channel between the trade union and its members. “It is now possible for members to obtain membership cards electronically, direct inquiries about the Movement to the trade union, refer friends and be informed at all times,” De Lange said.

De Lange added that this free app will also enable Solidarity members to update their personal information quickly and conveniently, and it also provides easy access to the trade union’s website, Twitter platform and legal articles. “With this app we are actually placing the power into members’ hands and it promises to make a tiresome job such as membership administration much easier and more accessible,” De Lange emphasised.

This app is an all-in-one platform and it is now available for download onto your smartphone or tablet.

To download the free Solidarity membership app, click here.