Who pays what for petrol in Africa?


WITH South African drivers forking out R17,02 for fuel inland ( at the coast it is slightly lower at R16.85), let us have a look at what our neighbouring countries pay for petrol.

Botswana pays R12,27/per litre and Swaziland just a bit more at R12,99. The crime in these countries are also far lower than in SA and even the AIDS epidemic has to a great degree been contained here. These two countries are fast becoming a very viable alternative for those who love Africa but does not want to live in SA anymore. The people are friendly, have a high work ethic and the aggression found amid  people in SA is not experienced here.

Even Mozambique pays less than SA consumers – R16,25. Namibian drivers fork out R14,13 at the fuel pump for a litre, with Lesotho drivers paying 14,27.

The only other country who pays more than SA is Zimbabwe – R19,81, where food is scarce, there is constant turmoil and land expropriation and farmer killings turned out to be the end of a once prospering country.