Why NewsHorn did not report on Wingrave

Gavin Wingrave. (Photo supplied.)

Alex Rose-Innes

As part of the White River community NewsHorn made the decision not to highlight the situation of Gavin Wingrave’s arrest as security members and local police feared that the situation may become “another Coligny.”  The town was almost burnt down by protesters after a similar incident occurred there earlier this year.

NewsHorn’s editor, after discussion with role players in the community, decided not to publish the news.

NewsHorn is known for its stance on keeping the community notified but not if it may in any way be detrimental to the community itself. We believe there are enough hard story newspapers available and would rather print good news which will positively reflect on our community and Mpumalanga, a way we believe will increase tourism and investment in the province.

However, should a story, however shocking the truth may be find its way to our paper, we will not shy away from reporting on it. We are not in any way affiliated to any organisation and completely independent.

We thank Bossies Community Justice’s Albert Gryvenstein for assisting this valued member of our society and the continued excellent work the organisation does.  At the same time, we wish Wingate to know that we prayed for justice to prevail and it has. He was released and the case against him withdrawn.

According to information, the man who attacked Wingate and was killed in the scuffle may have been a mental patient.

We wish Gavin and his family peace and healing during this time.